lørdag 1. september 2012

Guiding the King

When I started to guide photographers I was helped and inspired by one man in particular: "The Eagle Man", Ole Martin Dahle. In my opininon one of the best guides in Europe.
He has given me advice all along, lucky for me he was willing to share his advice.

So it was a special day when I got to be Ole Martin´s guide..
Ole and three of his friends were here in March to see our White Stoat, and they were not disappointed.

Røyskatt / White Stoat

The Stoat was out before the guide could sit down, and gave a nice show.



Tom got a nice portrait of the Stoat, sharp eyes on this fellow!

Photo: Tom Dyring

Ole Martin after a succesful photo-shoot.
Ole Martin Dahle

It is a good feeling to finally guide the Eagle Man.
Thank you for all your help Ole Martin!

Check out our webpages for more pictures of the Stoat.
www.themountainexperience.no / www.fjellopplevelse.no

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